Creator Terms

What to do as a Content Creator

Last updated: 30.03.2020.

Welcome to (the "Website"), which is operated by AE SWEETS LTD ("AeSweets", "we", "our', "us") and may be accessed worldwide.



Any capitalized terms used herein without definition shall have the meaning given to them in the Terms of Use.

The following Creator Terms shall be in addition to the Terms of Use located at the Site. These terms are applicable to any user of the platform who contributes Content Files to the Platform. These terms herein regulate your use of the Site as Content Creator.

I. Contributing Content Files to the Platform

By using the Services and providing information, which may be used by us in connection with the Services and may be visible by other users, or posting Content Files or any kind of content to the Platform (collectively Author Contributions), we hereby are and shall be granted a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty free, perpetual, irrevocable, sublicensable and transferable right to fully exploit such Author Contributions, including all related intellectual property rights, in connection with the Services and our business (including our successors’ and assigns’), including without limitation for promoting and redistributing part or all of the Services (and derivative works thereof) in any media formats and through any media channels; however, we will only share your personally identifiable information in accordance with our Privacy Policy located at the Site.

You also hereby do and shall grant each user of the Platform a non-exclusive license to access your Author Contributions through the Services, and to use, modify, reproduce, distribute, prepare derivative works of, display and perform such Author Contributions as permitted (a) under these Terms of Use and more specifically by the License Terms (b), through the functionality of the Services and (c) in accordance with any additional license terms you may apply through the Platform, as described in more detail below.

By using the Platform and uploading any Author Contributions, you represent and warrant that you own all rights and title, including without limitation, all copyright and rights of publicity of the Author Contributions.

II. Author Contributions License and Fees

When you upload Author Contributions to the Platform, you will have the option to choose the Base Price (described below) for that Author Contribution. This will apply license based on your selection to other users’ use of the Author Contribution upon paying a fee to us in case the Author Contribution’s Base Price is Non-Free (defined below). Regardless of your Base Price selection and license designation for use by other users, please be aware that between you and us, the license granted to us by you for the Author Contribution is as described above.

Base Price is the fee required by us from the user (excluding taxes and other fees we are required to pay to third parties, government institutions and government agencies in relation to distributing the Author Contribution to the user), in order to obtain a proper license upon your Author Contribution that you will receive compensation for (in more detail below). Base Price can be one of two main types, and more specifically (a) Free, when you require no fee, royalties or any type of compensation or (b) Non-Free, when you require to receive compensation for the use of your Author Contributions by other users. These options are subject to change by our own discretion at any time and by no liability to you.

By selecting a Non-Free (fee greater than 0 USD) option you hereby consent that the Author Contribution will be licensed under the terms described in greater detail in the License Terms located at the Site, for the particular user that paid the required fee.

III. Content Creator Compensations

As Content Creator you will receive compensation for each Non-Free Author Contribution that users of the Platform pay fee for. Your compensations will be accounted for in your virtual wallet (the Wallet) on the Platform. With each compensation received in the Wallet, your lifetime total earnings will grow (the Lifetime Account Earnings). This differs from your current earnings in the Wallet (the Current Account Earnings) from which you can withdraw funds and the withdrawn amount is deducted from the Current Account Earnings. Based on your Lifetime Account Earnings you will receive greater compensation for each Author Contribution we receive fee for on the Platform based on our Net Contribution Profit (described below).

Net Contribution Profit is the corresponding fees we actually receive by users for the use and/or downloads of your particular Author Contribution, less (a) sales taxes, use taxes, withholding taxes, VAT, and any other taxes, duties, or other government tariffs that a governmental authority requires us to pay with respect to the subject matter hereunder (and/or that you have failed to pay as required by a governmental authority), (b) fees required by third parties or payment processors, (c) disputes, chargebacks, or refunds.

For each Net Contribution Profit we receive for a particular Author Contribution and Lifetime Account Earnings in your Wallet

  1. less than 1000 USD, you will receive compensation to your wallet in the form of 50% of that Net Contribution Profit;
  2. equal or more than 1000 USD and less than 10000 USD, you will receive compensation to your wallet in the form of 55% of that Net Contribution Profit;
  3. equal or more than 10000 USD and less than 30000 USD, you will receive compensation to your wallet in the form of 60% of that Net Contribution Profit;
  4. equal or more than 30000 USD and less than 50000 USD, you will receive compensation to your wallet in the form of 65% of that Net Contribution Profit;
  5. equal or more than 50000 USD, you will receive compensation to your wallet in the form of 70% of that Net Contribution Profit;

IV. Withdraw from the Wallet

You can deduct any available amount from your Current Account Earnings to your Creator PayPal Account (your PayPal account email provided to us by you in the Site), as long as you have more than 10 USD in the Wallet. After successful withdraw if you represent a company, proper invoice must be sent to us regarding the payment. Our billing information for the invoice and submission email can be found at the withdraw page or by contacting our support.

V. More questions

Should you have any questions related to you as Content Creator, please do not hesitate to contact us at